‘The studio was the citadel of the house’ (Angelica Garnett)

by charlestonattic

Flower sketch, unattrib. CHA-P-594-29

We’ve now got to grips with the process of photographing the archive. Here are some beautifully expressive, and serendipitously spring-like designs we found in an undated, unattributed sketchbook. Bell?, or Grant? Or – as later in the book – one of their grandchildren? The detective work begins!


The flat sweeping ovals of the leaf shapes here are characteristic of Grant’s designs from the Omega onwards, e.g. the 1912-13 ‘Embroidered Firescreen’; whilst the pea-like rows of small circles, and naïve flower heads bring to mind his fabric design for the Queen Mary of 1937.

 We suspect that this beautiful watercolour sketch of Duncan Grant in the studio, from the same sketchbook, may have been painted by one of the house guests at Charleston:

Grant in the studio, CHA-P-594-62

We would welcome comments on who you think may have created these works.