Fyfe Robertson sketch

by charlestonattic

Described by broadcaster and presenter Stuart Cosgrove, as ‘probably one of the first and greatest Scottish broadcasters’, Fyfe Robertson was a journalist and reporter whose career spanned roughly 60 years from 1919 – 1982.[1] In 1964, Robertson presented the television programme ‘Brush Off the Dust’, in which he visited several British museums, commenting on their collections.

Duncan Grant had a television by 1964, and as his biographer Frances Spalding notes, it ‘had become embedded in the clutter of the studio and a part of Duncan Grant’s working life, for he liked drawing the newscaster or people being interviewed.'[2] This sketch (shown below) might be dated to around 1964, a date found on a receipt in the sketchbook. It suggests that Grant either saw broadcasts on television by Robertson, and drew this image from it, or encountered him in person, although there is no mention in biographies of Grant that the near contemporaries ever met.


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