Clive Bell’s Pocket Diary from July 1951

by charlestonattic

Clive Bell (1881-1964) was an art critic and husband to Vanessa Bell. Clive and Vanessa separated shortly after the birth of their second son, but remained friends. Clive Bell continued to provide Vanessa Bell with financial support, and visited Charleston regularly. An insight into his life can be found not only in his various belongings that are on display in the house, but also in the Angelica Garnett Gift, which contains his pocket diary from 1951.

The diary evidences Clive Bell’s contact with people connected with Charleston. Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, their daughter Angelica Garnett and her husband David Garnett, known as ‘Bunny’, all feature in entries (see image below). The word ‘Ivy’ appears next to two entries. On the one hand, ‘Ivy’ could refer to another person. On the other, it may indicate a dining spot, perhaps even The Ivy restaurant in London’s West End. The Ivy would have been a fitting choice for Clive Bell in 1951, with its clientele drawn primarily from the creative industries as it is today, over sixty years on.

Clive Bell's Pocket Diary