Charleston Walk

by charlestonattic

charleston walk

During a lunch hour several members of staff walked to the top of the chalk ridge on the South Downs behind Charleston (see above). Through the dairy farm, the cows swishing flies with their tails as they ate their hay, we made our way up on to the Old Coach Road.

In the Angelica Garnett Gift there are many sketches of the cows which would have grazed in the fields surrounding Charleston as they do today (see an example below).

A narrow turning off the Coach Road lead us to the green and open ascent of Firle Beacon with Charleston and the cows below us and the Sussex countryside expanding outwards. Along the path we encountered sheep, which also appear in the Gift (see below).

The glorious views, wild flowers and butterflies we saw all seem to be reflected in the decorative and organic shapes and forms that Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant depicted throughout their work (see below).

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