#architectureMW – The Lost Spaces of Bloomsbury

by charlestonattic

CHA-P-616-41_xc CHA-P-598-4_xc CHA-P-612-48_xc

From left to right: CHA-P-616-41, CHA-P-598-4, CHA-P-612-48. Photographs © The Charleston Trust

While Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell created decorative interiors in houses across Britain, Charleston is the only example of their work remaining in its entirety today. Destroyed by fire, enemy bombs or purely the differing taste of a new occupant, so many extraordinary designs have been lost. For many, the only lasting reminder of their existence are the numerous floor plans, notes on colour schemes, lists of addresses and decorative designs found within the pages of sketchbooks in the Angelica Garnett Gift. These small drawings and brief notes therefore offer an invaluable insight into an important part of Bell and Grant’s oeuvre that is now lost.

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