#faveMW – Our Favourites in the Angelica Garnett Gift

by charlestonattic

DG's Christmas List 1961_cCHA-P-599-29_xc

Left: Loose page in the Angelica Garnett Gift, Duncan Grant, 1961. Right: CHA-P-599-29. Photographs © The Charleston Trust

Alice Purkiss: There is one item that I find particularly interesting in the Gift: Duncan Grant’s list of Christmas presents to buy for his family, friends and household staff in 1961. Both amusing – cigarettes, £1 notes and port are firm favourites – and moving – this was Grant’s first Christmas at Charleston after Vanessa Bell’s death – this small scrap of paper offers an intimate insight into life at Charleston in Grant’s later years.

Dorian Knight: My favourite pieces throughout the Angelica Garnett Gift are the reoccurring pictures of cats, an example of which can be seen above. We know there were always cats at Charleston, a favourite of which was called Marco Polo!