‘Vanessa Bell 1876-1961’ at Dulwich Picture Gallery

by charlestonattic

This week a team from Dulwich Picture Gallery visited Charleston for the day in order to photograph objects and interiors for the upcoming exhibition ‘Vanessa Bell 1876-1961’. The images will be reproduced for the exhibition catalogue and will also serve as on site interpretation.

In the first major exhibition of her work Dulwich posits a history of Vanessa Bell the artist; breaking free from the somewhat limiting previous representations of her as muse, host, lover, wife, sister, and mother. Inclusive of paintings, ceramics, fabrics and photographs, the exhibition is set to explore Vanessa’s skill in the production of a variety of artistic mediums.

Several items will be loaned from Charleston’s collections for the exhibition and we are looking forward to visiting this important retrospective in the new year. Accompanying this post are some of the lesser seen Vanessa Bell’s in our collection.

Exhibition to run 8 February 2017 – 4 June 2017



CHA/P/78 Vanessa Bell, Recto. The Pond at Charleston, c.1916. Photograph © The Charleston Trust.


CHA/P/28 Vanessa Bell, Book Cover. The Moment and Other Essays, original dust jacket by Vanessa Bell. The Hogarth Press, London 1947. Photograph © The Charleston Trust.


CHA/P/609/19 Vanessa Bell, study in sketchbook, pencil on paper, 1940. Photograph © The Charleston Trust.


CHA/P/69 Vanessa Bell, Recto. “Julian Asleep”, oil on canvas, 1908. Photograph © The Charleston Trust.


CHA/P/248 Vanessa Bell, Recto. “Study for the Marriage at Cana”, gouache on board, c.1940. Photograph © The Charleston Trust.

For more information on exhibition, click here for recent Guardian article.